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Permanent Hair Dye (3.0 Natural Brown)

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Haır Care
Unit: 50 ml.  
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Your hair may lose its brightness or color intensity over time. This causes your hair to look lifeless and colorless. Lifeless hair makes you look older, paler and more neglected than you really are. Of course, the easiest solution is to dye your hair, but you should pay attention to the content of the dye you choose. If you want to dye your hair without wear, you can choose BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye. You will look renewed thanks to the cream hair dye suitable for all hair types.


Glamorous Shine of Natural Brown

BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye Natural Brown, inspired by the intense chestnut color of nature, reflects the glamorous glow of brown and red melting in each other. The product has undergone dermatological tests and dyes all parts of your hair from bottom to top completely and evenly and does not damage your hair during and after dyeing and helps your hair look voluminous. With its ammonia-free formula, the permanent cream hair dye does not harm your scalp and hair and does not disturb you with its odorless formula. 


Perfect White Covering

You can have much more intense and permanent tones with BioBellinda Natural Brown, which can be easily applied with its cream form and effectively covers white hair. Firstly, mix the BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye with the oxidation cream in the application bottle and shake well until they are homogeneous. Apply 2/3 of the mixture onto scalp and wait for 25-30 minutes. Then apply remaining mixture to the entire hair. Let BioBellinda Permanent Hair Dye 3.0 Natural Brown rest for 10 more minutes, making sure that it penetrates all hair strands from root to end. And enjoy your new hair after rinsing with a generous amount of warm water. If you want to see the romantic brown and provocative redness of pure chestnut on your hair, you can order it with a favorable shipping opportunity.

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