Cleaning that does not pollute Nature
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The eco-friendly approach of BioBellinda

           We as BioBellinda, believe that we have to take responsibility for nature throughout the entire life cycle of our products and plan to enter the improvement process in this big value chain, from the purchase of raw materials to the energy and water consumed by you using our products while cooking and cleaning.

          So, can we, as manufacturers, offer our customers products that they will both enjoy and do not pollute nature?

           This is one of the biggest questions that we have asked ourselves while starting our journey with BioBellinda. The point we have reached today, where the entire sector and users are in search of natural and organic products, is proof for our early and correct orientation years ago, before environmental awareness has begun rising rapidly

           While producing sustainable solutions in all respects within the scope of this responsibility, the BioBellinda family is growing and we are trying to develop new ways of doing business that will protect the world's natural resources.

           We act with this logic in every process starting with our supply chain and reaching to the shipping process. All carried out with the awareness of preserving and revitalizing natural resources that face extinction.

           Crowning our own production process with the Environmental Safety System is not an absolute solution! We encourage the companies we work with to comply with this awareness and make them a solution partner in our process of not polluting the environment.

           While choosing our suppliers (raw materials, packaging etc.) we evaluate if they could cause us trouble in supplying raw materials of natural origin, if they own an environmental safety system and if they use recyclable packaging etc. We examine the impact of our products on nature after the performance test carried out during our R&D studies, we give our solid-liquid waste generated during our production to the treatment plants authorized by the Ministry of Environment and we make sure that the materials we use for packaging our products are recyclable.

           All these are just a drop in the ocean, as we have bigger aims within our principle of “Cleaning that does not pollute Nature”. We are trying to reduce the footprints left by our products in nature every day and will try to do our best to leave a more livable environment for our children.


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