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Facial Peeling Gel

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Skın Care
Unit: 150 ml.  
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Exfoliating the skin regularly allows the skin to be renewed quickly by removing the dead skin layer. The blood circulation is accelerated on the skin that is free from dead cells and the skin gets a healthier appearance. If you also complain about shine, blackheads and excessive oil on your skin, you can get a renewed skin by adding BioBellinda Peeling Gel to your skin care routine.


Effective Fighting with Blackheads

Dirt and oil residues accumulate on the pores of your skin throughout the day. BioBellinda Facial Peeling Gel cleans your pores deeply with the purifying particles it contains. When the residues in the pores are not effectively cleaned, it can lead to blackhead formation and similar skin problems. BioBellinda Facial Peeling Gel is effective in preventing shine and oil problems on the skin as well as blackhead formation.

Suitable Formula for All Skin Types

BioBellinda Facial Peeling Gel has been developed so that all skin types can be used with peace of mind. Thanks to its special formula containing intense oil and vitamin E, it does not cause dryness or flaking on the skin and provides long-term moisturizing effect. Its special formula developed with natural salts helps the skin to breathe and helps prevent blackhead formation. It is a dermatologically tested skin care product. 


How to Apply

Massage the BioBellinda Peeling Gel two or three times a week on your moist skin with gentle and circular movements. Depending on your skin type, you can apply it more frequently. You can use BioBellinda Makeup Cleansing Water, which is formulated for dry and sensitive skin, or BioBellinda Purifying and Firming Tonic developed for oily and combination skin to apply a full range of skin care. Do not neglect the care that your skin needs, benefit from the advantageous shipping opportunity and add the product you wish to your cart as soon as possible!

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