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Body Peeling Gel

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Skın Care
Unit: 200 ml.  
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You can get a healthier and smoother skin with body peeling designed to purify your skin from dead skin and stimulate the blood circulation. Skin care with BioBellinda Body Peeling helps you to regain the moisture lost from your skin.


Intensive Moisturizer, Silky Softness

Salt crystals in BioBellinda Body Peeling create a natural peeling effect on your body, allowing you to get rid of dead skin. When skin is free from the dead-skin blood circulation is stimulated and it can renew itself more quickly. You can minimize the formation of blackheads and ingrown hairs by allowing your skin to breathe periodically.

Discover the Comfort Created by Natural Lavender Oil

BioBellinda Body Peeling contains intense lavender oil and vitamin E. The special formula that nourishes and renews the skin is prepared without any preservatives and has been dermatologically tested. With the BioBellinda Body Peeling, you can feel the refreshing smell of natural lavender oil all over your body and balance the oil and moisture lost by your skin.


Strong Effect in a Short Time

You can apply BioBellinda Body Peeling two or three times a week to your clean and dry body. It is enough to apply sufficient amount of product bottom up and by gently massaging with circular movements. Body peeling can be easily removed from the body when rinsed with plenty of water. You should make sure that you remove all salt particles from your skin during rinsing and dry your body with a soft towel. You can add BioBellinda Body Peeling to your cart immediately, which allows you to get healthy and soft skin when applied properly and regularly, and you can take advantage of the profitable shipping opportunity.


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