Biobellinda Toothpaste Free Of Fluoride125 Gr
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Biobellinda Toothpaste Free Of Fluoride125 Gr

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 125 gr.  
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It is very important to brush your teeth regularly to protect your oral and dental health. However, the properties of the toothpaste you use during tooth brushing also have a great effect. BioBellinda Toothpaste / Chamomile Extract provides a complete cleaning of your teeth and protects your oral and dental health for a long time. 


Fights Against Bacteria and Tooth Cavities

BioBellinda Toothpaste creates a long-lasting fresh feeling in your mouth while fighting tooth decay. It has been developed so that all family members can use it with mind at peace. It helps to prevent possible dental problems by preventing the activities of bacteria on the tooth surface with its special formula. 

Reliable and Effective Formula

BioBellinda Toothpaste / Chamomile Extract does not contain alcohol and fluoride. Thus, it is suitable for all age groups. While it protects you against tooth cavities with the xylitol it contains, it provides a relaxing effect on the gums with chamomile extract. The freshness it creates in the mouth results from natural mint extracts. 


BioBellinda Toothpaste / Chamomile Extract should be used at least twice a day. When brushing your teeth, use the amount recommended by your dentist and apply with the correct brushing movements. It is recommended to change your toothbrush every three months to protect your oral health. If you want to experience the feeling of effective protection and freshness in your mouth all day long, BioBellinda Toothpaste / Chamomile Extract is waiting for you with profitable cargo opportunities. 

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