Biobellinda Shower Gel Zer 290 Ml
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Biobellinda Shower Gel Zer 290 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 290 ml.  
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How about meeting a shower gel that moisturizes and nourishes your skin while providing effective cleansing on your skin? BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel provides deep cleansing and moisture supplement on your skin with its natural and healthy ingredients. You can also choose BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel to have a clean and lively skin after a shower.


Fresh and Lasting Fragrance

The source of the impressive scent of BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel comes from BioBellinda Zer Eau de Parfum for Women. Rose breezes combined with soft and light fruit scents leave a lasting and fresh scent on your skin. You can enjoy the feeling of deep cleansing throughout the day, accompanied by the smell of Zer, which you will enjoy on your skin for a long time after a shower. 

Intense Moisturizing Effect

Your skin needs moisture in all seasons and conditions. A skin that meets its moisture needs gains a healthier, lively and smooth appearance. BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel supplies moisture to your skin with its Provitamin B5 content, as well as cleansing your skin thoroughly. Thus, it provides you with a cleaner and healthier skin.


How to Apply

Pour BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel onto your bath washcloth, sponge or hand as much as you like. Massage your body with the shower gel and leave it on your body for a few minutes. To get better efficiency from BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel, use the product more intensely in areas that frequently sweat, especially in the armpits. Repeat this treatment if needed. To experience the privileges offered by BioBellinda Zer Shower Gel in the shower, add the product to your cart immediately and take advantage of the profitable shipping opportunity offered to you!



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