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Wound Protection Cream

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 75 ml  
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You may need to use extra protection cream and similar products to prevent rashes on your baby's delicate skin during changing diapers and sunny weather. BioBellinda Wound Protection Cream was specially developed to relax and protect your baby's skin. You can also protect the health and comfort of your baby with BioBellinda Wound Protection Cream.


Effective and Easy to Use

BioBellinda Wound Protection Cream has a very easy-to-apply texture. Thus, you can apply protection cream on your baby's skin in seconds, even in a short period of time during diaper changes. The protection barrier it creates on your baby's skin; resistant to liquids such as sweat, water and urine. It is a very effective product to prevent rash formation on your baby's skin in regular use.

Natural and Reliable Ingredient

BioBellinda Wound Protection Cream does not compromise your baby's skin health as it contains natural active ingredients. It does not contain paraben, alcohol, dye, SLES, Silicone and allergen. It helps to protect your baby's skin with the vitamin E extracts it contains. It eases and soothes the skin and provides the moisture supplement it needs. Dermatologically tested. 


Apply the BioBellinda Wound Protection Cream in a thin layer after cleaning and drying your baby's skin. It may be enough to use it 2 or 3 times a day, but you can increase the frequency of use according to your need. After applying BioBellinda Anti-Rash Cream, you only need to wait a few seconds for it to penetrate into your baby's skin. It is recommended to be applied especially before night sleep. If you want your baby's skin to be protected all day long, you can have BioBellinda Wound Protection Cream by taking advantage of the advantageous shipping opportunity. 

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