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Room Parfume Spring Freshness

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12.53 EURO
Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Home & Life
Unit: 500 ml  
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Air freshener products are complementary products that you will use to add freshness to your home. BioBellinda Room Perfume Spring Freshness provides long lasting in the areas where it is used. You can spread the effect of fragrant and natural room perfume in your living area thanks to the spring relief. Bring your home to fresh breezes of spring with BioBellinda Room Perfume Spring Freshness!


Impressive Spring Freshness 

With BioBellinda Room Perfume Spring Freshness, you can create a unique ambiance in your home. The floral scents that bloom in spring will change the energy of you and your loved ones. The product also eliminates the bad odors that occur in your home and allows you to breathe easily.

With its impressive freshness, it changes your mood and you can remember your most beautiful spring memories. You can create that last touch you need in your home decor with BioBellinda Room Perfume. Simply spray the product slowly to add a personal touch to your home and create a chirpy atmosphere. By applying BioBellinda Room Perfume Spring Freshness to the surfaces you want, you can provide relief in every area of your home.


Easy to Use, Natural Freshness

BioBellinda Room Perfume Spring Freshness, which provides a practical use with its specially developed spraying device, not only prevents stubborn bad odors, but also permanently destroys them. By turning the top of the spraying mechanism of the product, which leaves a light and fresh smell once it is used, to the “On” and “Spray” position, and spraying on to the fabric surfaces at a distance of 30 cm, you may refresh the air of the environment you live in. You can add the BioBellinda Room Perfume Spring Freshness, which is also suitable for use on fabric surfaces such as carpets, curtains and armchairs, and take advantage of advantageous shipping opportunities.

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