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Intensive Hair Care Shampoo

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13.60 EURO
Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Hair Care
Unit: 380 ml  
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One of the most important details that affect your appearance and complement your aesthetic look is your hair. In order to have healthy, vibrant, and shiny hair, you should choose the hair care product best suited to your hair type and perform your hair care routine regularly. BioBellinda Repair Care Shampoo, with its advanced formula, provides a healthy look and shine, as well as repairs worn and lost hair strands and provides an ideal care. 


More Effective and Strong Care for Dyed and Damaged Hair

Using the right hair care products that protect, nourish, and revitalize your hair against external influences makes it easier to get voluminous hair that always shines brightly. BioBellinda Repair Care Shampoo nourishes the dyed and damaged hair deeply, giving it a visible brightness. Thanks to the keratin and vitamin E ingredients, this product minimizes the signs of wear on your hair, nourishes the damaged and dry hair with extra care. This shampoo, which helps to restore weak, worn, and over-treated hair strands as well as split hair ends, allows you to have the hair you dream of as soon as possible. 


In-depth Cleaning and Practical Use

Apply the BioBellinda Repairing Care Shampoo, which is easy and practical to use, directly on your wet hair and foam by massaging your scalp. Wait for a few minutes and rinse with warm water for the product to penetrate the entire scalp. Repeat this process once more if needed.

It is recommended to use with BioBellinda Repair Care Cream to increase the effect of the product you can use every day or anytime you want. This makes it easier for you to have stronger, brighter, and better-groomed hair. You can buy BioBellinda Repairing Care Shampoo for bright, lively, and healthy hair by taking advantage of the favorable shipping opportunity.


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