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A. What is the BioBellinda Sales System? What Types of Earnings Does It Include?

The Biobellinda Sales System is basically based on the Direct Selling Method, also known as the "Multi-Layered Marketing System".

The products BioBellinda sells are offered to independent entrepreneurs at a discounted price. Independent entrepreneurs included in the BioBellinda system can purchase products at these discounted prices from their first purchase.

The main income that independent entrepreneurs will earn by being included in the multi-layered marketing system is the Retail Sales Income they will earn by selling the products they purchase at discounted prices to the end consumer at real prices.

The independent entrepreneur also creates a business volume according to the amount of products purchased during each purchase from BioBellinda. The independent entrepreneur is entitled to additional premiums and earnings, depending on the business volume he has created.

The premiums earned by the independent entrepreneur for each month are calculated according to the product purchases made by the independent entrepreneur himself and / or his group (sub-marketing network) from BioBellinda during the relevant month.

In the context described above, an independent entrepreneur who is included in the BioBellinda system has the opportunity to provide 7 (seven) different types of earning, which are listed below. However, the entitlement of the independent entrepreneur to these earnings depends on fulfilling the sales conditions for each item. These terms are explained in detail under the heading "Terms and Earnings Definitions in BioBellinda Sales System".

1. Retail sales revenue of 35% that the independent entrepreneur will generate by selling the products purchased from BioBellinda at a discounted price to the end consumer at their real price.
2. Group performance premium earning of 5% -24% from the Group Performance that the independent entrepreneur and his/her group will generate.
3. The fixed earnings premium that the independent entrepreneur will be entitled to if he/she maintains the level he/she has risen for 2 consecutive months.
4. The generation earnings premium that the independent entrepreneur will earn if the groups in the sub-marketing network continue their careers.
5. The level earning premium to be earned by the independent entrepreneur for each level he/she rises.
6. 35% e-BioBellinda premium to be provided through internet advertisements.
7. Licensed vehicle if the relevant qualification has been reached and repeated according to the BioBellinda International Earnings Plan for 2021.

B. Terms and Earnings Definitions in the BioBellinda Sales System

1. BioBellinda Sales System: It is a multi-layered marketing system which is a branch of the direct selling method. Also known as the BioBellinda Marketing Organization.

2. Independent Entrepreneur Buying Price: It is the "Independent Entrepreneur Buying Price" in the Independent Entrepreneur Price List including the information on "Product Point Value", "Product Values", "Independent Entrepreneur Purchase Price", "Recommended Sale Price" of the products that are prepared and published for the independent entrepreneurs included in the BioBellinda sales system and subject to purchase and sale by BioBellinda. These prices are determined annually by BioBellinda.

3.Customer Price: It is the retail price obtained by adding 35% to the Independent Entrepreneur Purchase Price of the products that BioBellinda has traded and called the "Recommended Sale Price" In the Customer Price List prepared and published by BioBellinda for end consumers. These prices are determined annually by BioBellinda and are also published on the website "".

4. Independent Entrepreneur: In the BioBellinda Sales System, he/she is the person who is able to purchase discounted products for commercial purposes and is authorized to sell these products to end consumers who are not independent entrepreneurs with pre-determined profit margin rates. In addition, he/she is the person who has the opportunity to establish his own sub-marketing network and earn a premium within the scope of the aforementioned system and who has approved and accepted BioBellinda's "Independent Entrepreneur Membership Contract".

5. Leader: He/she is an Independent Entrepreneur who makes a person meet with the BioBellinda Sales System, who informs him about the system and its benefits, and who becomes a reference during the person concerned joins the system as a new independent entrepreneur and who has at least one independent entrepreneur registered in the sub-marketing network with a previous reference.

6. Active Member: It is the status that the Independent Entrepreneur, who is included in the BioBellinda Sales System, will obtain at least 1 (one) order in the relevant month. If the Independent Entrepreneur does not place an order in any relevant month, he/she loses its Active Member status and this affects the income that the person will earn in accordance with this Earning Policy. The Contract of the Independent Entrepreneur, who does not place any order for a total of 6 (six) months, including the month that causes him/her to lose his Active Member status, is terminated in accordance with the Independent Entrepreneur Membership Contract.

7. Product Point Value (“PD”): Each of the products in the system has a separate PD value. This point value is used to calculate the premium earnings to be earned by the Independent Entrepreneur within the system.

8. Product Value (“ÜD”): Within the scope of the system, it is the value taken as basis in the calculation of individual and group turnovers of Independent Entrepreneurs. Product Value is the value of the Independent Entrepreneur Purchase Price excluding VAT.

9. Personal Turnover: It refers to the total product values corresponding to the product purchases made by the Independent Entrepreneur on behalf of his/her own account from the system.

10. Group Turnover: It refers to the total product values of the group consisting of independent entrepreneurs who are included in the system with the reference of the leader, including the "Personal Turnover" of the leader, corresponding to the product purchases made from the system.

11. Retail Sales Income: It is the income equivalent to 35% of the customer price that the independent entrepreneur will earn as a result of selling the products purchased at discounted prices to the end consumer at the customer price, which is the non-discounted price.

12. Group Performance Premium: It refers to the premium given to Leaders who reach a certain product purchase level in the system. The sales level entitled to a premium is calculated based on the point value (PD) of the product sold. Performance Premium Levels are 5% -10% -15% -20% -24%. Accordingly;
- Leader who provides 1000 PD business volume receives 5% earning,
- Leader who provides 500 PD business volume receives 10% earning,
- Leader who provides 1000 PD business volume receives 15% earning,
- Leader who provides 2000 PD business volume receives 20% earning,
- Leader who provides 4000 PD business volume receives 24% earning.

13.Fixed Earning Premium: It is the premium that an independent entrepreneur, whose level rises in the system, will be entitled if he/she maintains this level for 2 consecutive months. It is applied at Pearl Ruby and above levels and the independent entrepreneur is paid a fixed income premium for the level band he/she has risen to. The fixed income will be terminated if the person gets included in the BioBellinda vehicle concept. This situation may vary to the used vehicle and the independent entrepreneur’s level. The independent entrepreneur can only choose one, either the fixed income or the vehicle usage right.

14. Premium Allowance Requirement: In order for the Independent Entrepreneur to be eligible for the premiums included in this Compensation Plan, he/she must personally place an order of 30 PD within the relevant month.

15. Generation Earnings Premium It is an additional premium that leaders with 24% Pearl Ruby and above can earn if they perform in protecting their group's career and / or expanding their group's capacity. To gain access to this premium the independent entrepreneur has to generate 1000 PW in addition to the 24% group-level.

16. Level Earnings Premium: It is the additional premium that an Independent Entrepreneur can qualify for every level he/she rises In order to qualify for this premium, the condition of repeating for 2 (two) months is required and it is applied for the first time when the level of 24% is reached. The relevant premium is given only once, when the determined levels and criteria are reached.

17.e-BioBellinda Premium: This is an additional bonus of 35% from customers who access the website “www.biobellinda-com-tr” from the independent entrepreneur’s social media, Google ads, own blog and/or websites and similar platforms using the link they have received from BioBellinda. Details of this premium and earning terms and principles are also specified in the "E-BioBellinda Usage Contract" and the progress payments to be determined will be based on the provisions of this additional contract.

C. Additional Provisions

1. The basis for the reimbursement of premiums is the payment of the premiums for orders that have been finalized. Orders placed by the independent entrepreneur become final if the Independent Entrepreneur does not make a request for the right of withdrawal after the expiry of the 14-day withdrawal / return period from the delivery date of the products.

2. The current account cut-off date for the Company's Independent Entrepreneur premium earnings is the last day of each month. The progress payments for the premium earning activities carried out by the Independent Entrepreneurs during the month are finalized after the cut-off is made at the end of the relevant month. Progress payments calculated in this way are paid within the second month following the cut-off date. In the event that the orders included in the progress payments are canceled by the Independent Entrepreneur after the cut-off date, the premiums for these canceled orders are reflected in the following month's account as a negative premium. A negative premium indicates the receivable of BioBellinda from the Individual Entrepreneur.

3. The receivables of Independent Entrepreneurs, which they are entitled to within the framework of this Compensation Plan, are paid within the following month following their orders. However, the first progress payments of Independent Entrepreneurs newly included in the system are paid within the second month following their first order.

4. BioBellinda reserves the right to change this earnings plan without notice.

5. BioBellinda has the right to update documents such as the price list referenced in this earnings plan and / or to add a new compensation plan.

6. The Independent Entrepreneur is obliged to follow up the changes in this earnings plan and / or documents such as the price list referred to.

7. For the year 2021, 1 PD = 10,00-TL (only ten Turkish Liras).

8. For the year 2021, 1 PD = 2,00-Euro (only two Euros).

9. As regards the Independent Entrepreneurs located in Turkey,

9.1 When calculating the European turnover, the earnings in Euros are obtained by multiplying the obtained PD 12 (twelve).

9.2 When calculating the Turkish turnover, the earnings in Turkish Lira are obtained by multiplying the obtained PD 10 (ten).

10. This earnings plan is valid as of 01.04.2021.

ANNEX-1 : Earnings Plan chart showing levels and classes

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