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Cologne Ice

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12.53 EURO
Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Eau De Parfume
Unit: 150 ml  
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Experience instant refreshment whenever you feel overwhelmed, with the colognes that refresh your air with pleasant scent and natural aromas. Every drop of BioBellinda Cologne Ice offers the freshness of ice for four seasons, in hot summer days or in winter months.


Ice Freshness Awaits You with Enriched Aroma

BioBellinda Cologne Ice offers the ice freshness of the poles, reflects the peace and fresh feeling of the flower gardens on your skin while conquering your heart with the notes of grapefruit and lemon in its special formula. Top notes include lemon, grapefruit and green notes; the middle note includes jasmine and the lower notes include musk, woody notes and amber. 

Combining peace and freshness with hygiene, BioBellinda Cologne Ice is a product you wouldn't want to miss it at any time of the day. The 80 Degree BioBellinda Cologne Ice provides long-lasting effects with its intense aroma. The mouth of the cologne bottle specially designed for easy-to-use.

Top note: Lemon, grapefruit and green notes

Middle note: Jasmine

Base note: Musk, woody notes and amber


Always Within Easy Reach During the Day

With its black hard plastic lid and stylish glass bottle design, you can comfortably carry BioBellinda Ice Cologne in your bag; or keep it in your closet, on your desk and within easy reach. Every drop of BioBellinda Cologne Ice contains the freshness of ice and reveals its difference with a pleasant smell from the moment its lid opened. It is recommended to keep the cap closed for longer use. You can apply it to your skin at any time of the day, as often as you wish. BioBellinda Cologne Ice, presented in a 150 ml glass bottle with a stylishly designed black box, is waiting for you with advantageous shipping. 

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