Biobellinda Wc & Bath Cleaner 1000 Ml
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Biobellinda Wc & Bath Cleaner 1000 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Home & Lıfe
Unit: 1000 ml.  
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Your bathroom is an important part of your home that gets dirty so fast and needs more cleaning. There are soap residues, dirt and bacteria hidden all over the bathroom. Removing these difficult residues and stains requires a special effort. If your bathtubs, sinks, and tiles do not look white and shiny as you wish, BioBellinda WC & Bath Cleaner product is ready to refresh your bathroom with its powerful formula that provides deep cleaning!


Hygiene to Refresh Your Bathroom

Providing superior cleaning on all surfaces in your bathroom, BioBellinda Wc & Bathroom Cleaner gives hygienic results without leaving any dirt, soap and lime residue in every area that needs to be cleaned from toilet to bathtub and sink. It easily dissolves your bathroom dirt with its effective content. Keeps every corner of your bathroom clean. Brings back the prior glow of your bathroom to you.

BioBellinda WC & Bath Cleaner, which is strong against stains, is very suitable for daily use and provides precisely the best appearance of all surfaces. It is completely biodegradable in nature and produced without testing on animals. Provides freshness in bathrooms and toilets with its unpleasant odor removal feature. It does not contain chlorine, ammonia, phosphate and paraben.


To remove the stringent dirt, lime and soap residues in your bathroom and toilet, you need to apply with liquid solution apparatus. Apply it to the desired surface and wait for 5 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. For the floor tiles, use BioBellinda WC & Bath Cleaner with an amount of half of a tea glass in 3 liters of water. Do not waste time to add BioBellinda WC & Bath Cleaner to your cart with advantageous cargo opportunity!

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WC banyo ürünümüz süper çok amaçlı hem banyo hem halı koltuklarda ve tencere parlatmada kullanıyorum süper 🤩
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Merhabalar banyo temizleyici ürünü çok güzel fakat bahar kokulu çiçek kokulu gibi farklı kokuda ikinci bi banyo WC ürününüz üretilse isteriz.
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