Biobellinda Shower And Tap Cleaner 1000 Ml
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Biobellinda Shower And Tap Cleaner 1000 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Home & Lıfe
Unit: 1000 ml.  
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Well-maintained bathrooms with products that are effective in cleaning the shower cubicles are not a dream. BioBellinda Shower and Tap Cleaner provides an in-depth cleaning with its formula that is effective against even the most difficult dirt. It is instantly effective with its content enhanced against shower cabinets and armature stains. BioBellinda Shower and Tap Cleaner is a solely effective product against calcification, soap and shampoo waste, dust and dirt that are accumulated and hardened over time.


Contamination Retardant Special Formula

BioBellinda Shower and Tap Cleaner, which does not contain chlorine, paraben, paint, SLES, ammonia and phosphate in its formula, is a concentrated cleaning product that you can dilute depending on the contamination of the surfaces you will clean. It creates a special film layer on the surfaces where cleaning is performed, and prevents the lime in water from forming marks and stains. The surfaces cleaned with the product, which offers a fast and practical cleaning, do not hold dirt and have an excellent gloss.


Effective Solution Against Tough Contamination

Add one measure of BioBellinda Shower & Tap Cleaner to two parts of water and spray it on the surfaces to be cleaned. Complete the process by wiping with BioBellinda microfiber cloth. You can have clean, shiny surfaces without an extra rinsing or drying process. For cleaning of the stubborn and difficult contamination, without dilution, you can spray the product with a spray bottle and wipe the surface with a soft fiber sponge. Then dry the surface with the help of BioBellinda microfiber cloths.

1 bottle of product can be diluted to the amount to fill 6 bottles of spray bottle. After diluting the product in Biobellinda spray bottle, you should consume it within latest in 1 month. Make sure that the spray bottle is completely emptied and completely dry before using it again. Benefit from the advantageous cargo opportunity by ordering the products now!

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