Biobellinda Moisturizing Face Mask
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Biobellinda Moisturizing Face Mask

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Skın Care
Unit: 80 ml.  
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BioBellinda Moisturizing Facial Mask, which enables a flawless appearance in the facial area in a short time with its natural extracts, creates your skin care routine all over again. Thanks to its formula customized with Blackberry and Provitamin B5 extracts, it moisturizes, nourishes the skin and gives a bright look to the whole face.


Moisturized and Silky Skin Appearance

BioBellinda Moisturizing Face Mask can be used on dry and sensitive skin with peace of mind. The product, which has received full marks from the dermatological tests, does not contain harmful chemicals. Its formula, inspired by nature, minimizes the skin pores from the first use and creates a moisture cycle that extends to the lowest layers. These processes make the skin always look smooth and radiant, while delaying the appearance of signs of aging.


Easy to Use, Porcelain-Like Skin

Apply the BioBellinda Moisturizing Facial Mask to your cleansed and dry skin twice a week. After spreading the gel product in the package with your fingers lightly and in a thin layer, wait for it to dry. Leave your eye contour and lips out of the application. After the mask is completely dry (recommended waiting time 20-30 minutes), peel off the layer on your face starting from the outside with gentle movements and thoroughly purify your skin by massaging with warm water. By applying this easy-to-use routine, you can have a perfect skin that looks like porcelain, and you can draw all attention to your radiant skin wherever you enter.

For your best skin care options, make your blackberry extract moisturizing face mask a part of your routine in a short time! Do not miss the advantageous cargo opportunity of BioBellinda!

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