Biobellinda Moisturising Hand And Nail Balm 15 Ml
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Biobellinda Moisturising Hand And Nail Balm 15 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Skın Care
Unit: 15 ml.  
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Instantly Beautiful Nails

If you are searching for a product that provides instant care for your nails and cuticles, you should try the BioBellinda Moisturizing Hand & Nail Balm! The special formula enriched with almond and lemon oil provides intense moisturizing care for your hands and cuticles.


The Strength of Almond Oil, Lemon and Vitamin E

The BioBellinda moisturizing hand & nail balm, containing lemon and natural almond oil, is also rich in vitamin E, which provides the much-needed moisture for your nails and cuticles and cares for dry and stressed hands.

With regular use it will protect the softness and flexibility of your cuticles and prevent them from cracking or sticking to the nail. The lemon oil in the formula will provide tour nails with a natural shine and make them smell good at the same time.

Your nourished nails will also grow faster, become stronger and become a healthier look. 


Apply the BioBellinda Moisturizing Hand & Nail Balm to your hands by massaging it in gently. The creamy structure easily absorbs into the skin and does not leave a stick feeling. This way you will always have well-groomed hands, even if you do not have the time for a manicure.

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