Biobellinda Liquid Soap Citrus 1000 Ml
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Biobellinda Liquid Soap Citrus 1000 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Unit: 1000 ml.  
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Liquid soaps, which stand out for their practical use at home or work, make it easy to wash your hands. In addition to liquid soaps, foams that are becoming widespread are also being used as economic hygiene material. BioBellinda Liquid Soap Citrus series offers two products in one package: liquid soap and foam.


Your Hands More Hygienic and Well-Maintained with Unique Orange Aroma

BioBellinda Liquid Soap Citrus leaves you with its unique orange scent while washing your hands. The orange scent left in your hands with the breeze of the citrus gardens of the Mediterranean provides long-lasting effect. Thanks to its formula that maintains 5.5, which is the ideal pH for your hands, it cleans your hands while maintaining the moisture it needs. With BioBellinda Liquid Soap, you can safely wash your hands many times without disturbing the acid-base balance. While moisturizing your skin with orange scents and massaging; thanks to the glycerin in its formula, it revitalizes your hands and keeps it soft for a long time.


Use it as a liquid soap or as a foam!

You can use it as much as you need by filling it into your pumped liquid soap dispensers with its 1000 ml special packaging. You can also use it with the foaming apparatus, which you can buy along with the product. When using the concentrated BioBellinda Liquid Soap Deep Blue product in the foaming apparatus, you can dilute it by 1/4 and provide a longer life use. In other words, you can obtain 4 boxes of liquid soap content from 1000 ml BioBellinda Liquid Soap Sweet product in concentrated form. You can buy BioBellinda Liquid Soap Citrus with its economical packaging of 1000 ml, by adding it to your cart right now with our advantageous shipping opportunities.

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