Biobellinda Akva Eau De Parfum For Men 50 Ml
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Biobellinda Akva Eau De Parfum For Men 50 Ml

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Brand: BioBellinda
Category: Eau De Parfume
Unit: 50 ml.  
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The perfumes preferred for daily use are also complementary to the combinations you have prepared for appointments and meetings. BioBellinda Akva Eau de Parfum for Men, which attracts attention with its pleasant smell and aesthetic bottle design, is among the choices of men who care for their personal care. The product, which is prepared with magnificent fruit scents, creates a pleasant perfume option especially in hot weather. Akva Eau de Parfum for Men, which allows you to leave your mark with its unique smell, gives your skin a feeling of freshness and comfort.


A Great Combination of Fruit and Flower Fragrances

Designed so that you can prepare elegant and stylish combinations and leave your signature with your perfume, BioBellinda Akva Eau de Parfum for Men helps you have a pleasant aura with fruit fragrances that give a feeling of liveliness. The perfume with grapefruit, metallic notes, and pink pepper top notes makes a fresh start at the opening. Supported by heart notes of cedar and pineapple, the fragrance feels lively and energetic. Prepared with the wonderful finishing touch of tonka beans and amber, this perfume is ideal for those who want to display an effective and memorable image. 

Top Note: Grapefruit, metallic notes, pink pepper

Middle Note: Cedar, pineapple

Base Note: Tonka beans, amber


Akva Eau de Parfum for Men Allows You to Create Your Spirit in Your Style

Designed to complement street fashion on warm days, BioBellinda Akva Eau de Parfum for Men increases its effect when applied to clean skin. You can apply the product to your skin after the shower. More permanent when applied to the pulse points, hair, wrist, back of the ear, and neck area, you can add the perfume to your cart now with a favorable shipping opportunity. 

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